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BPH Foundation research includes the following goals:

• To enhance the physiological and psychological well-being of minorities and  

   underrepresented community members in America and abroad.

• To promote constructive understanding of minorities and both underrepresented     

   and economically disadvantaged community members through positive approaches to     

• To develop an approach to health promotion and disease prevention that is consistent with

   the experiences of minorities and both underrepresented and economically disadvantaged
   community members.
• To define public health and medicine in consonance with newly established epidemiological
   and medical concepts and standards regarding minorities and both underrepresented     

   and economically disadvantaged community members.

• To develop national and international support systems for poor and economically
   disadvantaged ​students of health promotion and disease prevention.

• To develop policies for local, state, and national decision making which impacts on the

   health and wellness of minority and both underrepresented and economically
   disadvantaged community members.

• To promote values and a lifestyle that supports the survival and well-being of poor and

   economically disadvantaged community members.
• To support established community member organizations
and aid in the development of new

   independent ​institutions to enhance health, wellness, educational, cultural, and economic

  circumstances ​of  target ommunity members.

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